Transient and lightning protection systems

OBO Construct planning aids

When a building protected by a lightning conductor is struck directly by lightning, then dangerous fires and damage may be caused between the building and the systems leading into it (power supply, data cables) due to large differences in potential. This online tool aids you in the selection and connection of suitable surge protection systems for your individual project and provides you with information on the OBO surge protection systems.

You can create your personal materials list, connection diagram and invitation to tender text quickly, efficiently and in a targeted manner for the complete surge protection in the fields of energy technology, photovoltaics, telecommunication, MSR, TV, HF and data technology,and export them easily into the Excel format for further processing.
System requirements:
Up-to-date standard browser
Internet access


Generation of materials lists, circuit diagrams and invitations to tender

For quick and easy application


Easy export function to the Excel format