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26 November 2019

A small terminal with big benefits

The new universal lever terminal by OBO Bettermann combines better handling and a larger clamping range in an even smaller design.

Menden. The new screwless connection terminal is the easiest way to connect and release single-wire, multi-wire or flexible wires. The terminal provides a large clamping area of 0.2–4.0 mm2 and is available in three variations, i.e. with two, three or five terminal connections.

Smaller – easier – more practical

The small design of the universal lever terminal saves on space without effecting its handling. The levers of the terminal are particularly easy and comfortable to use. Simply open the lever and the wires can be easily inserted or released. The levers are positioned in the opposite direction to that which the wires are inserted, which means that opening a neighbouring lever by accident when inserting a wire is pre-vented. The inspection openings are conveniently located and easy to access with a phase tester and a testing pin (max. 2 mm diameter). Due to the transparent hous-ing, it is also possible to tell at a glance if the wires are inserted deeply enough.

The advantages at a glance
  • A design up to 24% smaller than its predecessor
  • Large clamping area: 0.2-4.0 mm2
  • With 2, 3 or 5 terminal connections
  • Rigid wires can be inserted without releasing the lever
  • Easy-to-access inspection openings for phase tester and testing pin (max. diameter of 2 mm)
  • Convenient lever direction - no accidental opening when inserting the wires
  • Large levers, easy and comfortable to use
  • Transparent housing for the easy checking of the insertion depth
  • Stripping length of 11-12 mm

Technical data IEC UL
Nominal current 32 A 32 A
Nominal cross-section 4 mm² 4 mm² 
Nominal voltage 450 V 600 V
Maximum temperature 85 °C  105 °C
Clamping range 0.14f/0.2 – 4.0 mm² AWG 24 – 12