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OBO Construct

Planning software for cable support systems

The completely new tool for professional users. The new AutoCAD plug-in is available in various languages and offers a wealth of benefits:

  • Simple installation
  • Parts list with additional materials
  • Invitations to tender can be exported
  • Simplified operation
  • Improved component depiction
  • Cable filling integrated



With the free plug-in for AutoCAD, it is possible to integrate 3D models of OBO cable sections and mounting materials simply into existing drawings. Created components can also be viewed on computers on which OBO Construct KTS CAD is not installed. This means that it is easy to exchange drawings ‒ including the created components ‒ easily and to process them further. Users can generate a clear parts list at any time, containing all the OBO components used.

System requirements:
• AutoCAD© Version 2017 or higher as well as vertical products (LT versions are not supported)
• Windows 7 or higher

Available for the versions
AutoCAD© 2017
AutoCAD© 2018
AutoCAD© 2019
AutoCAD© 2020

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  • Gallery ‒ Construct CAD
  • Gallery ‒ Construct CAD
  • Gallery ‒ Construct CAD
  • Gallery ‒ Construct CAD